About Me Full Stack Developer, Creative, Photographer

Albert Navas

Actual Projects

Abi Global Health - Virtual health assistant, Abi, connects you to a global network of doctors for quick answers or in-depth consultations.

Bonoom Healthcare - Software for consulting independent health professionals.

Crypto Mars Project - Youtube channel about Cryptocurrencies, blockchain and security.

Kira Bot - The control of your crypto trading assets.

Personal Information

Professional Skills

  • Frontend - Javascript Frameworks (Vue.js, AngularJS...)
  • Backend - Python, Node.js, PHP (Laravel, CodeIngiter...)
  • Databases - MongoDB, Redis, MySQL, postgreSQL...
  • Server Administration - Apache, Nginx, Mail server, Firewalls, Backups...
  • Security - Linux server hardening, Application and Server Pentesting, Network security, Firewalls